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July 23 – Now shipping unlettered Rebuilt Merchant Navy kits.

Lettered kits 35028 Clan Line will start shipping around 1 August.

Contact Aster Hubbies UK for all the latest info. Kits price £4250.00 but if you pay with debit Card, cheque or Bank Transfer then deduct £75.


We have uploaded a new video to YouTube. This is the final prototype with a couple of features still to fix. Please enjoy

22 June

Latest news of the Rebuilt Merchant Navy can be read on the News page.                                4 April 2014

Aster GWR Castle kits now sold out. I am advised today that there are no more GWR Castle kits in Japan and we are sold out in the UK too. BR castle kits will be available for the time being. I am checking the position regarding GWR Castle factory built-up with Aster Japan.         6 Feb 2014

SNCF 241P Just for the record, these are completely sold out after just a few weeks.   5 Feb 2014


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July 23 – Now shipping unlettered kits.
Lettered kits 35028 Clan Line will start shipping around 1 August.

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Aster Castle Hints & Tips

A few Hints & Tips based on the experience so far with the new Aster Castle. My kit built example runs as well as the production prototypes. The exhaust beat is particularly noticeable even with light loads. Generally feedback from customers has been favourable. There are a few points worth sharing: Wicks. I have found 20 [...]

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